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IEV Holdings Limited, its subsidiaries and associates (“IEV” or the “Group”) currently operate in four sectors namely, Offshore Engineering Sector, Mobile Natural Gas Sector, Exploration and Production Sector and Renewable Energy Sector. The Group’s operations spans across the Asian region while projects are undertaken worldwide. In the Offshore Engineering Sector, IEV offers both specialist technologies and turnkey services to construct, repair, maintain, rejuvenate and remove offshore oil and gas production facilities. In the Exploration and Production Sector, IEV is currently involved in the onshore exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Indonesia. In the Mobile Natural Gas Sector, IEV develops and operates mobile natural gas supply chains to deliver natural gas to customers without gas pipeline access. The Renewable Energy Sector is IEV’s latest endeavor in promoting the utilisation of renewable energy through the production of rice husk biomass. 


IEV’s history started with the invention of the “oceanpowered” marine growth control (“MGC”) technology by its founder and current President & CEO, Christopher Do in 1987. Now in its 28th year in operation, IEV has grown into a multinational group of companies, serving the regional oil and gas industry, and growing steadily to become a fully integrated energy provider. Today, IEV provides a range of specialised technologies and niche turnkey engineering solutions, to support the oil and gas industry. In 2005, the Group entered into the energy business and developed two mobile natural gas supply chains in Indonesia and Vietnam. In 2012, the Group took a step closer to becoming an integrated energy provider with the award of the first cooperation agreement (“KSO”) by PERTAMINA to carry out onshore exploration and production activities in the Pabuaran block in West Java, Indonesia. IEV’s goal to make energy affordable to all was further realised through the establishment of the Renewable Energy Sector in 2013, to champion alternative and clean energy solutions.



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