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November 2010 : IEV Malaysia Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian establishment of IEV Group, in association with FoundOcean Limited (IEV-FO) celebrated the first delivery and installation of Grout Bags for Freespan Correction project in Asia.

IEV was awarded the provision of grout bags for the stabilisation of two 12” pipelines offshore Sarawak within three weeks from the initial request for quotation. A team of six personnel was mobilized for this project on a 24-hour operation amid the monsoon season. The project which initially called for three units of Grout Bags was revised to four units after further assessment at the site.

The IEV-FO 12V grouting spread and one 50 ton silo was employed to complete the freespan correction at four locations on two offshore pipelines at 70 m water depth. The grout bags were deployed using diver assistance and positioned under the marked locations along the pipelines. Each grout bag is estimated to weigh around seven ton after grouting.

The team celebrated in high spirits upon successfully delivering their very first Grout Bag for Free Span Correction project in Asian waters. With the success gained in this maiden project, IEV is geared to take on more Freespan Correction projects in this region.

The Vice President of Business Development, Mr Juzer Noman said, “The success of this project has paved much potential for IEV. We are working on continuous improvement and advancement in the development of Free Span Correction Solutions in the Asia Pacific region. With these developments, we would be able to provide world-class service and quality products to our clients at a very competitive rate”.

The IEV-FO Grout Bags, also known as Fabric Formworks is part of IEV’s Jacket and Pipeline Installation Solutions (JPIS). It is also employed for Pipeline Stabilisation & Protection under IEV’s Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Solutions (IRMS).


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