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AUG 2011: IEV received the award to supply its MGP to the Hermosa and Hidargo platforms offshore Northern California by Plains PXP. All products will be delivered in semi- assembled form to facilitate the installation.

IEV first sold MGP to Plains PXP in 2005 when IEV installed its wave-driven products on Platform Irene. The project started with the cleaning phase, in which MGPs were deployed to remove up to 10 inches of existing marine organisms and followed by the prevention phase, where MGP were reconfigured to provide permanent protection against marine re-growth. The project was completed successfully with “zero-loss” time. The overwhelming outcome was an in-house study of the number of product tidal cycles since 2006 and PXP have concluded that this was a significant test of durability and as such, recommended the employment of IEV’s MGP on the remaining platforms operated by PXP, namely Hermosa and Hidargo. This is a true testimony to the MGP’s effectiveness and durability.

Weather conditions experienced at the platform location in Northern California Coast is quite similar to North Sea in as much as they have a constant swell and high current regime, so the products have been put to the test! The type of marine growth in the region is high mussel colonization (6” to 10” if left unchecked). Therefore, the increase in environmental loading induced by marine growth is extremely high. 



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