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Bluegrass Subsea Diamond Wire Cutting Technology

Bluegrass Subsea Diamond Wire Cutting Technology

For three decades, the Bluegrass company has tested its mettle and cutting equipment technologies in hazardous, inaccessible, nuclear settings and on industrial, petrochemical, and lock and dam projects.

Bluegrass has performed over 300 cuts in the Gulf of Mexico at depths ranging from 80 to 230 feet without a single broken wire and zero lost time injuries. Typical pipe cut durations include: 16” conductor cut in 15 minutes, 24” well head cut in less than 1 hour, 33” well head cuts in 1.25 hours and, 48” leg cut in 1.5 hours.

IEV in strategic alliance with Bluegrass technology offer a range of diamond wire cutting systems to provide complete cold cutting solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

The Diamond Wire Cutting Tool
The Bluegrass wire saws range from incremental dimensions of 10” to 144” and are built of stainless steel to withstand the rigors of subsea cutting. They are hydraulically powered, continuous loop diamond wire saws that utilize a proprietary, high-efficiency diamond wire that is unmatched for its cutting speed and vibration-free performance.

The wire saws can either be remotely operated topside or directly operated from a ROV in environments inaccessible to divers. The wire ensures clean precise cuts the first time.

Unequaled Topside Performance
Bluegrass also offers a complete line of asymmetrical diamond wire saws that are capable of cutting limited access structures of any sizes, shapes and combination of materials from carbon steel to concrete. Examples of past cuts include nuclear reactor heads composed of 8” thick carbon steel with ½” stainless steel cladding and 54” diameter nuclear reactor nozzles with 15” thick stainless steel clad carbon steel walls. Bluegrass has also invented a proprietary liquid CO2 cooling system for wire saws for use in water-free environments.

Saw Dimensions

  • 26”
  • 36”
  • 48”
  • 60”
  • 76”
  • 96”

Also available is the asymmetrical saw, capable of cutting any sizes, shapes, structures, whatever limits to access.



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