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Dual Blade External Saw Cutting System – DUBLEXO®


DUBLEXO incorporates both diamond wire and band saw technologies. The cutting module utilizing either diamond wire or band saw shares the same clamping module and can be rapidly interchanged to cut as diamond wire or band saw system.

The DUBLEXO®, developed in-house and patented by IEV can either be deployed by divers or ROV and has the capability of cutting pipe diameters between 8" and 30" and configurations including grouted multi-string casing. Along with its durable subsea design, DUBLEXO® provides easy set-up and fast accurate cuts.

Built for Servicing the Offshore Industry

DUBLEXO® incorporates a hydraulic clamping mechanism which allows the saw to be mounted on both vertical, vertical-diagonal and horizontal members to facilitate a range of tubular sizes and maintains the saw at 90O to the substrate to be cut.

Powered by a subsea rated hydraulic motor, efficient cutting times are experienced on various tubular sizes and multi string conductors. DUBLEXO® is constructed for subsea use with minimal maintenance and is ideal for a wide range of underwater cutting tasks down to the depth of 200m or more.

Close-Loop Control Circuit

Close-Loop Control Circuit tremendously extends the cutting element life. Each time preset torque is exceeded, the self-regulated hydraulic drive motor speed will automatically reduce drive pulley speed. This ensures that the bandsaw is always kept under allowable tension, which subsequently prolongs its life span.

Automatic Wedging System

The automatic wedging system in DUBLEXO® highly facilitates ‘under compression’ cutting. Surface controlled wedge insertion into the cut opening prevents pinching on band saw during ‘under-compression’ cutting operations.


Tool Dimension 2500mm(l) x 2500mm (w) x 500mm (h)
Operating Weight 800kg
Max Operating Depth limited only by ROV depth capabilities
Suitable Pipe Diameters 203mm (8”) – 762mm (30”)
Hydraulic Power Supply Requirements wire rotation 45 litre/min – 200bar
arm feed <3 litre/min – 200 bar
clamp < 3 litre/min – 200 bar max
Electrical power pack 1050mm (l) x 689mm (w) x 1350mm (h)
Weight w/o hydraulic oil 270kg
Weight with hydraulic oil 470kg
Motor rating 22kW / 3-phase
Flow rate 60 litre/min @ 3000psi


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