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Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM)


MTM charts the attributes and characteristics of pipeline sections by registering and analysing changes in the magnetic field of the pipeline. These changes are related to stresses which in turn are related to defects in the metal. Magnetic data is collected from the ground surface and anomalies detected are a function of stress, mechanical loading and structural changes in the metal.

MTM does not measure the dimensions of geometric defects alone, it also measures the stress caused by these defects and identifies their character, location and orientation in accordance with the location and orientation of the area of stress. Linear coordinates of flaws in the metal are defined within a tolerance of +/-0.25m.

Operational costs of MTM are also considerably lower than in-line inspection costs. MTM surveys are more accurate and cost significantly less than in-line surveys. This is due to the elimination of unnecessary excavation and repairs to insulated coatings during confirmation NDT and making good to damaged road surfaces.

Principle Features Of MTM Survey


  • Measures Stress Not Geometry
    MTM determines the comparative degree of danger of defects by a direct quantitative assessment of the stress-deformed condition of the metal while conventional surveys only measure the geometrical parameters of a defect.
  • Monitor Defect Growth
    Since MTM allows any section of any length of a pipeline to be surveyed while the pipe remains in operation, it can be used to monitor the evolution of defects and the increase in stress caused by such growth. These measurements may be taken at any interval of time and can be compiled into a database.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Excavations
    MTM is inherently more accurate than in-line pig surveys both in its ability to determine the nature of a defect and in defining its position.
  • Reduce Reporting
    Timescale reports identifying the position and degree of danger of defects located in the pipe are usually presented within thirty (30) days of the magnetic data survey.
  • Predict Deterioration
    The final report includes integrity parameters for each anomaly and an assessment of the stress-deformed state level.
Brochure Download : MTM TRANSKOR.pdf


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