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Structural Pile Grouting

FoundOcean’s involvement in structural grouting dates back to the 1960s in the Middle East and followed by the North Sea in the 1970s. Since then, FoundOcean has successfully grouted over 500 structures around the world. IEV’s partnership with FoundOcean began mid-2008 and has since developed into a highly successful collaboration as the grouting operation is localised and now employed in the installation of the majority of offshore facilities in the Asia Pacific region.

High Performance Grouting Technology

To meet the high technical and performance specifications of offshore clients, FoundOcean developed the Continuous Recirculating Jet Mixers. These Jet mixers are custom designed for producing very high strength grouts without the use of costly additives. They are designed to produce grout in a continuous process as opposed in batches – which is the standard method. The quality of grout is constantly monitored with a density control system.

One-Stop Structural Grouting Center

The grout mixer is just one component in the offshore grouting process. To ensure successful and efficient offshore operations, we offer a wide range of skills and equipment including:

  • Detailed quality assurance and control procedures
  • Offshore materials testing laboratories and skilled lab technicians.
  • High capacity grout pumps to deliver grout to the structure
  • A cement silo fleet with a capacity of more than 2000 tonnes
  • Skilled and experienced engineers, operators and technicians
  • ROV operated subsea grout connection systems
  • ROV deployed grout density monitoring

Total Project Management

Our involvement in offshore operations is not just limited to mixing and pumping cement grout. We take full responsibility for the entire grouting operations including inflation of grout seals, cement transfer activities, supervision of grout hose deployment and participation in offshore planning meetings.

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