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Pipeline Support & Stabilisation Service

Freespan Correction

IEV in strategic alliance partnership with FoundOcean, offer various solutions for pipeline support and stabilisation.

IEV/FoundOcean is your single-source for the design, manufacturing and installation of all types of fabric formworks. Our fabric formwork is a flexible shuttering constructed from woven fabric which is filled with grout in-situ. The final shape of the support is defined by the shape of the fabric formwork. Fabric Formworks may also be used to raise a pipeline or structure by jacking to a desired elevation.
The techniques developed for deploying fabric formworks by ROV have been successfully used at water depths of more than 1200 meters. In addition, we provide specialised grout mixing and pumping equipment together with experienced personnel for the successful installation of the formworks. With our involvement in the offshore work, all formwork designs take account od the practical aspects of the installation. Detailed work procedures are provided to ensure that the diving or ROV contractor correctly applies the solutions.
Basic types of Fabric Formworks available:
  • Support Formworks for pipelines, j-tubes and risers
  • Crossover Support Formworks for pipelines and cable crossings
  •  Overlay Mattress and Sleeves for pipeline protection or stabilisation
  • Peripheral Formworks for protection of subsea structures
  •  Jacking Formworks to elevate and support pipelines and structures
  •  Anti-Scour protection formworks





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