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The "Wave-Driven" Marine Growth Preventer (MGP-W)


The MGP-W is a single or multiple-rings product which is driven by ocean surface movements such as waves, swells and tidal fluctuations through its own buoyancy. It is applied to vertical diagonal and vertical members including conductors, risers, caissons, jacket legs and jetty piles.

The MGP-W is forced upward by the waves and wells and falls back to the water line under their own weight. This repeated up and down rolling motion prevents the settlement of marine microfouling and maintains a “zero-growth” surface finish on protected members.

Each individual ring of the MGP-W consists of plastic modular components linked by pivotal connections enabling the ring size to be easily modified to accommodate structures of any diameter. All rings are identical and linked together by vertical plastic linkage pipes, forming a durable and flexible plastic framework. The number of rings and the length of the linkage pipe which join the individual rings are variable and governed by the depth of the bracing level or first structural interference and the local oceanographic conditions.

Depending on the level of existing marine growth and the type of splash zone coating applied, the MGP-W can be supplied with Composite Rubber Rollers and/or HDPE Engineered Plastic Rollers. 

Ocean surface movement offers continuous and stable power to propel the MGP-W products, making it the most effective MGP, offering 100% efficiency in maintaining a “zero-growth” surface profile on submerged structures.

The main types of MGP-W produced by IEV include:

  • MGP-W SZ-G
  • MGP-W SZ-G (TC)
  • MGP-W SZ-G (BC)
  • MGP-W SZ-G (TBC)

These different types of MGP-W are designed to operate on members with structural interferences above and/or below its protective length. The single-ring is only applied in the splash zone while the multiple-rings are normally used between the mean sea level and the first horizontal bracing level.

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