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Tubular Grouting Technology

Tubular Grouting Technology

Strengthening for offshore structures may be required for a number of reasons. The most common include:

• Fatigue. The design of early jackets heavily depended on experience in the Gulf of Mexico. However, these designs have been found unable to withstand the incessant wave loadings of other parts of the world. As a result, many structures have fatigue damage to be repaired or need to be strengthened to prevent anticipated damage. Fatigue damage typically takes the form of cracks at the end of horizontal members where they frame into the main structure.

• Increased code requirements. As environmental data has improved, the wave load requirements have increased – dramatically in some respects. On occasion, it has been found necessary to upgrade the structural performance of jackets to meet new requirements or to meet other requirements subsequently introduced by jacket operators.

• As an installation aid to enable the connection of two parts of a member together to form a continuous structural element

• To strengthen “under-strength” members, such as legs, to increase their axial strength and stability characteristics.

IEV brings you the FoundOcean’s Grouting Tubular technology designed to fill necessary structural member with grout for strengthening purposes. The technology includes mixing and pumping equipment specifically for use on live production platforms. Offshore laboratories can also be provided to monitor grout quality.


Advantages of the Tubular Grouting Technology

Filling a member with grout offers the advantage of not increasing member diameter (as an outer sleeve would) or wave loading. It also provides:

  • Increased axial compressive strength of the member.
  • Improvement in overall member strength and stability.
  • Improved strength at tubular joint.
The Tubular Grouting Technology can also be employed for structural repairs, complimenting FoundOcean’s Grouted Clamps under our Inspection Repair and Maintenance Solutions (IRMS). Advice and assistance with the analysis and design of structural strengthening solutions can be provided at client’s request.

All offshore equipment used is suitable for working in Hazardous Zone 2 areas.

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