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New in IEV: Subsea Trenching and Excavation for the Oil & Gas, Renewables and Decommissioning Sector

~ The IEV-ROTECH partnership brings world class subsea trenching and excavation technologies to 5 countries in Asia~ 


IEV Group (“IEV”) is pleased to announce the partnership with Rotech Subsea Limited (“ROTECH”) to bring a leading range of trenching, excavation, grab and cutting equipment to Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

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Integrity Assessment Of Non-Piggable Pipelines

A pipeline may be non-piggable because of extreme bends, changes in diameters or not desiged for pigging operation. Generally, pipeline safety regulations require the operators to ensure that the pipelines under their governance are well maintained and in a fit for purpose state. Pipeline inspection coverage includes external and internal inspection. Conventionally, pipeline inspections are carried out through non-destructive testing, using in line inspection (ILI) techniques, such as MFL or UT pigs. However, inspection on non-piggable pipelines can be challenging where ILI is not applicable.

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IEV Appointed As Exclusive Distributor For Alocit Coatings In 21 Countries
In Asia Pacific Region

Alocit Coating is a specialised coating system that can be applied on both dry and wet conditions such as splash zone areas of offshore structures and marine vessels

IEV has partnered with Alocit International Limited, a UK-based company, to distribute Alocit Coatings, a unique coating system that can be applied on both steel and concrete substrates, in wet, oily, and even sweating conditions.

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Magnetic Robotic Technology For Hull Repair And Maintenance

~ IEV partners with REMOTION to bring Magnetic Robotic Technology to carry out hull repair, maintenance and surface treatment services in the Asia Pacific region ~

IEV has partnered with REMOTION, a Norwegian company to supply and support its innovative Magnetic Remote Operated Vehicles (M-ROV) for the marine- and offshore industry, especially for fabric maintenance and below waterline operations of vessel’s hulls.  The M-ROV robotic systems provides a safe, cost reducing and time effective solution to the most challenging part of any marine asset maintenance in the splash zone area.

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Introduction To Omniflex’s Powerview CP System

A virtual technical talk on the topic of how new technologies are helping to reduce installation and operating costs of Cathodic Protection  in large structures has recently been arranged by NACE FMS Malaysia.

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Backstory: The Birth Of The Typhoon-Proof “Ocean-Powered” Marine Growth Preventer MGP-i


Back in 2012, IEV was approached with a unique enquiry from East Asia which eventually led to the birth of the new generation of Marine Growth Preventer, the typhoon-proof and self-cleaning MGP-i. IEV’s Marine Growth Preventer (MGP) technology was first invented in 1987. Throughout the years, the MGP has undergone improvements to cater for various ocean conditions and structural configurations, each improvement resulting in increased product durability and naturally, cost savings to asset operators.

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Case Study: Tank Annular Plate Protection

Trenton’s Wax-Tape #2 Anticorrosion Wrap, The Recommended Corrosion Prevention And Protection Solution For Tank Annular Plate With High Exposure To Chloride & Corrosive Chemicals

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Case Study: IEV Successfully Executes Pipeline Free Span Correction & Cold-Cutting Scopes With A Multi-Skilled Crew

Managing cost is the key challenge of any project, especially for one that is offshore and laden with uncertainties such as monsoon weather conditions and topping it all, the current pandemic. Amidst these challenges, a prominent offshore contractor from Malaysia undertook a new pipelay project offshore Brunei which required free span correction and cold cutting services. Having over 20 years of combined experience in delivering these services, IEV was awarded both scopes.

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Case Study: IEV’s 1st Remotely Installed MGP: Embracing The Age Of Digitalisation


The COVID pandemic brought on challenges of sorts forcing organisations to rethink conventional methods of executing projects in the offshore oil and gas industry. One such project awarded to IEV during the pandemic year when Movement Control Orders forced us to “re-engineer” our deployment strategy.

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IEV Earned 4th MGP Contract For Jetty In Malaysia

In 2018, a prominent Port Operator in Malaysia commissioned a trial of the Marine Growth Preventers (MGPs) designed specifically to remove and prevent marine growth and microbially induced corrosion (MIC) on jetty piles. The one-unit-per-pile MGP prevents marine growth and MIC at the splash zone level where it is most prolific due to availability of sunlight and nutrients.

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