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Preventing Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) With IEV’s Marine Growth Preventers For Jetties

For the last 30 years IEV has deployed its Marine Growth Preventers (MGP) on over 9000 jetty piles. The main question is what benefits does the MGP truly offer to jetty operators? Can it be deployed on steel piles or just concrete piles? Is it cost efficient? The many questions are answered in this whitepaper researched by our CTO Office Team, headed by Mr. Christopher Do, who is also the Group CEO of IEV.

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Platform Deployed CP Retrofit: A Cost-Effective Solution For Extending Cathodic Protection Life of Offshore Platforms

The Challenge

Extension of the cathodic protection (CP) life of an existing offshore platform is a challenging but mandatory task to maintain the adequate CP level and avoid marine corrosion. Conventional CP retrofit methodologies require underwater intervention and vessel, which are very costly, especially for structures that are located in saturation diving depth.  In partnership with Galvotec Corrosion Services (GCS) of the USA, IEV is launching two Platform Deployed CP Retrofit technologies as part of its portfolio of corrosion control solutions to enable its offshore oil and gas clients to lower the cost of extending cathodic protection life on existing facilities.

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