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IEV’s history dates back to 1986 with the invention of a single technology to enhance structural integrity of offshore structures, the “ocean-powered” marine growth control (“MGC”) solution by its founder and current Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), Mr. Christopher Do. Now in its 32th year of operation, IEV Holdings Limited, its subsidiaries and associates (“IEV” ), have developed into a multinational group of companies with a global business with a large network of distributors and foreign subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and India, serving various industries with its range of integrated energy solutions using both upstream and downstream oil and gas disruptive technologies and blue ocean strategies.


IEV provides expert asset integrity management and technologies to both upstream and downstream oil and gas and its related industries. Our range of disruptive technologies are known to challenge conventional engineering practises and help customers reduce costs and achieve desired results within schedule. Along with our strategic alliance partners and offices spanning across Asia region, IEV offers solutions in three broad sector namely Asset Integrity Management Sector (“AIMS”) and Decommissioning Sector. (“DS”). Our range of disruptive technologies is offered as individual services or integrated engineering solutions to deliver optimum and cost-effective solutions to inspect, assess, repair and maintain assets.

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