Breaking Waves and Boundaries: IEV’s Triumph in Accelerating Jetty Pile Maintenance with Innovative Marine Growth Preventers in Peninsular Malaysia

In June 2023, IEV secured a significant contract to install its innovative Marine Growth Preventers (MGP) on 1,294 jety piles for a prominent terminal operator in Peninsular Malaysia. This demanding project requires the completion of a comprehensive scope of work within a stringent 5-month delivery timeline. This included a particularly challenging two-month period dedicated to production, rigorous quality checks, comprehensive third-party inspections, and punctual delivery of products to the site. The site installation commenced in September 2023 and was completed ahead of schedule in November 2023.

For this project, we designed and manufactured the MGP-J-HLE model, our latest variant in the range of wave-driven single-ring MGPs. This model integrates cutting-edge electrofusion technology, tailored specifically for jety applications. The MGP-J-HLE is distinguished by its self-cleaning mechanism, which is robustly designed to endure impacts from obstructions on steel or concrete piles, as well as to withstand the harsh natural elements, particularly in the tumultuous wave zones. Remarkably versatile, this product can be installed on jetty piles with or without prior removal of existing marine organisms. Its self-cleaning attribute ensures long-term operation in seawater without the risk of fouling by marine life, thereby extending its service life.

The process of removing existing marine growth on jetty piles is essential for thorough visual inspections by the Port Operator. This facilitates the early detection of corrosion and other structural anomalies. Additionally, this proactive approach significantly reduces the risk of microbially induced corrosion by maintaining a clean substrate. A key environmental benefit of IEV’s MGP is its exclusive reliance on ocean energy sources such as waves, currents, swells, and tidal fluctuations. This eco-friendly approach substantially reduces the carbon footprint associated with the maintenance of jetties.

Read more on this project at, Structural Integrity Solutions.

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