IEV Malaysia Secures Three-Year Contract to Enhance Pipeline Integrity with Revowrap Technology

IEV (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, together with its subsidiary Carbontech Infra and Engineering Pvt Ltd, is pleased to announce the procurement of a Three-Year Contract dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of corroded pipelines utilizing the innovative Revowrap composite repair system. This collaboration, established with a prominent oil and gas company in India, signifies a notable achievement for our team.

The Revowrap composite repair system offers an advanced solution for addressing corrosion damage in critical assets, bringing them back to their original design standards. Corrosion in pipelines poses a direct threat to structural integrity, with the potential for containment failure if left untreated, thereby endangering the facility, environment, and nearby personnel.

Revowrap serves a dual function, providing structural reinforcement and protection against highly corrosive atmospheric conditions. Engineered to meet ASME PCC2 and ISO TS24817 standards, It reinforces piping in axial and hoop directions, ensuring consistent strength. Its versatility allows for application on live piping systems, eliminating the need for costly shutdowns. Additionally, Revowraps hold TUV accreditation, ensuring their reliability.

This technology is set to rehabilitate critical assets, such as tanks, vessels, flanges, and other structural components, with minimal operational disruption. IEV (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and Carbontech Infra and Engineering Pvt Ltd are committed to delivering practical solutions and meeting client expectations effectively.

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