IEV Earned 4th MGP Contract For Jetty In Malaysia

In 2018, a prominent Port Operator in Malaysia commissioned a trial of the Marine Growth Preventers (MGPs) designed specifically to remove and prevent marine growth and microbially induced corrosion (MIC) on jetty piles. The one-unit-per-pile MGP prevents marine growth and MIC at the splash zone level where it is most prolific due to availability of sunlight and nutrients.

Upon the successful field trial in 2018, an annual-campaign based deployment was created to allow “small-packet” installation program that would not disrupt port operations considering the large number of piles that require protection. The “small-packet” campaign also allowed for continuous monitoring of the efficacy and efficiency of the MGPs.

The easy-to-install MGPs are delivered pre-assembled to enable a simple “drop-and-go” installation with just a couple of personnel on a small fibre glass boat. Upon installation, the “ocean-powered” MGPs will instantaneously start removing existing marine growth, at any thickness level, and prevent any formation of microbial slime on the piles. The removal of existing marine growth also allows for the Port Operator to conduct visual inspection of jetty piles for corrosion pitting and other anomalies.

The continuous campaigns by the Port Operator since 2018 attest to the success of the MGPs delivering what it promises – a clean jetty pile free of marine growth and MIC.

IEV’s patented typhoon-proof and self-cleaning MGP for Jetties is designed for 10-year service life. To date IEV has installed MGPS on over 9000 jetty piles worldwide.

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To learn more on MGP for Jetties and download a whitepaper, go to Preventing Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC) With IEV’s Marine Growth Preventers For Jetties

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