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IEV International Limited was awarded a lump-sum project to provide cutting solutions for this decommissioning project in March 2010. The project was scheduled to run in 2 campaigns, between April and July 2010. However, IEV’s involvement in this project started much earlier in 2005 when the owner of the jackets first made the decision to decommission the structures. IEV provided the engineering assistance to the owner for the cutting and lifting methodology of the 6 structures which was then incorporated into the final procedures for the removal of these structures.  The general scope of work covered the provision of specialist equipment, manpower and consumables to sever the jacket piles and risers in water depth ranging from 14 meters to 63 meters.  Oil States’ Abrasive Water Jet (AWJ) internal cutting manipulators were successfully employed to perform internal cutting operations on jacket piles and risers and a combined team of technicians from Oil States and IEV was mobilized to run a 24 hour cutting operation.

The first campaign lasting from April to May saw the removal of 2 jackets. The remaining 4 jackets were removed in the second campaign towards end May to mid June, 2010. The removal of these ageing jackets posed a challenge as they were badly corroded and required extra safety precautions during lifting.  Despite murky waters and structural conditions of these ageing assets, all jackets were successfully cut and lifted.  “This project was a challenge to the team and our equipment but it was by far the best and most successful project we have ever executed. We are pleased of our achievement and humbled by our success. The client is happy and we are happy!” were the triumphant comments from our project supervisors.
Overall, the management and the execution of the project was positively appraised by the client and this adds another feather to IEV’s cap in the provision of decommissioning solutions to the industry. To date, IEV has successfully removed 13 jackets in the Asian region.

Jacket Decommissioning


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