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November 2010: IEV Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. marked a momentous achievement in completing a Marine Growth Preventer Rejuvenation Project.

The history of the project dates back to 2001, the year IEV was awarded the supply and installation of the ‘Ocean-Powered’ Marine Growth Preventers (MGP) on then newly fabricated HIP jacket. 10 years later, survey report showed that 73% of the products have weathered varying sea conditions and rendered almost a decade of effective service in keeping protected structures free of marine growth.

As with all product life-span, there were components that have been subjected to wear and tear which called for IEV’s Marine Growth Preventer Rejuvenation Program. After a brief site survey in March 2010 to evaluate conditions of installed products, IEV submitted an inspection report complete with recommendations for a rejuvenation program using its latest generation of MGPs. The proposal was well received by the customer and IEV was rewarded with a contract in October 2010.

A team of two technicians and four Rope Access Technicians were deployed to implement the project. Amidst the monsoon season, the team took the challenge in stride and completed both the removal of existing growth on selected parts of the structures using enlarged MGPs and subsequent reconfiguration of the products to maintain the structures free of growth permanently. The project was safely and successfully completed within 21 days.

The project marks another milestone in the evolution of IEV’s “Ocean-Powered” Marine Growth Control technology since its birth 23 years ago. The MGP installed in 2001 is now rejuvenated using the latest product to protect the structure for the next decade and beyond.

The jacket will continue to enjoy the significant benefits of a “zero-growth” profile when its critical wave loading zone operates below marine growth design thickness. The structural gains include a reduction in overturning moment and pile axial stresses, and enhanced Reserved Strength Ratio and fatigue life.

IEV continuous investment in R&D programs allows producing MGPs at competitive prices and with extended service life. Products are also available for new applications and environments, from benign seas to stormy ocean environments, deep water installations to shallow water ports and terminals.

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