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IEV along with its strategic alliance partners- FoundOcean and ULTE hit another historical run with the successful structural repair on a Jacket Leg and Vertical Diagonal Member [VDM] using grouted clamps on a live central processing platform. The project was awarded by Offshore Works to provide structural repair works.

The scope of work called for repairs on cracks appearing on the junction weld between vertical diagonal member and main leg at Northeast corner of the steel jacket structure at seabed level EL (-) 53.5m, without suspending production. A crew of six members and equipment were mobilized for this project.

Excavation of seabed, cleaning on node surface, installation of lifting rigging and inspection works were done on the damaged area followed by underwater wet welding of nine pieces Shear Key on VDM. Divers were used to install 14 pieces of individual clamp components. The clamp was tightened using hydro tight equipment. Following a positive clearance from the “green-dye” test - a liquid was injected to ensure there are no leaks in the clamp - grouting works commenced to seal the clamps.

IEV was also awarded an additional scope to supply a curve plate for the riser guard and pyramid grout bag to support a 4-inch pipeline in the same vicinity. The entire offshore work was completed within schedule and well received by the client. With this achievement, IEV has proven its capability to provide integrated engineering design, fabrication and installation to perform subsea structural repair services for the offshore oil and gas industry in the region.

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