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Grouted Clamps

Grouted Clamps

IEV brings forth FoundOcean’s Grouted Clamps for Structural Repairs of offshore structures. There are many reasons why offshore structures may require structural repairs and the most common include:

  • Ship Impact: Damage caused by ship impact that typically takes the form of bent or buckled members.
  • Impact by debris: Objects dropped overboard can cause damage to the jacket. The most serious damage is caused during the installation of jackets or during other heavy construction work.

Two key types of structural repair clamps offered are:

  • Grouted Clamp. A clamp in which the outer sleeve is formed in segments which are placed around the existing joint. The splits are closed by pre-tightened bolts prior to injection of cement grout into the annulus between the clamp and existing tubular.
  • Stressed Grouted Clamp. Grout is placed into the annular space between the clamp and the existing tubular joint. The grout is allowed to reach a predefined strength prior to the application of an external stressing force.

Some of the key advantages of grouted repair techniques include:

  • Normal fabrication imperfections are easily accommodated by grout.
  • Geometrical damage is easily accommodated.
  • Full strength of damaged section can be easily restored.
  • Increased strength can readily be provided.
  • Repairs can be carried out at any depth within the range of the structure.

The Grouted Clamps can also be employed for structural strengthening complimenting FoundOcean’s Tubular Grouting Technology under IEV’s Life Extension Solutions (LES). Advice and assistance with the analysis and design of structural repair solutions can be provided at client’s request.

All the offshore equipment used is suitable for working in Hazardous Zone 2 areas.




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