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Chain Measurement System




        The Business Problem

Mooring lines are safety critical systems that are subject to age-related wear or damage from immense environmental and structural forces:

  • currents
  • ocean waves
  • hurricanes
  • impact with the seabed
  • abrasion

Damage is also caused by sudden impacts which can cost millions in repairs, downtime and lost production. It can even jeopardize operational safety.

The Business Solution

The Welaptega Chain Measuring System (CMS) can produce huge savings by providing operators with precise data on the condition of mooring chains. CMS is a custom-designed technology for measuring damage, wear, corrosion and pitting of chain links. 

The Technical Solution

Welaptega CMS is an optical caliper imaging technology for measuring mooring chain dimensions and viewing material condition of links. The tool is positioned on a link to capture video data which provides a record of the inspection. This data is processed to produce measurements of link intergrip and length.

CMS utilizes synchronous digital images of chains from several cameras. It calibrates these images, corrects spatial geometry and generates accurate measurements of chain dimensions.

Welaptega has a proven track record of 20 years in subsea inspection and is certified by Lloyds Register and DNV.

Key Features

  • CMS is a non-destructive technology.
  • Allows for chain measurement in water without operational interruption.
  • Can be deployed topside by hand.
  • Typical accuracy of CMS measurements for chain is within +/- 1mm.
  • Can be used in floating production or MODU drilling rigs.
  • Measurements compared to API and class societies industry standards.
  • Delivers precise, actionable data to inform the best action on moorings.
  • CMS can be mobilized from shore by helicopter for rapid deployments.
  • Welaptega is the only company world-wide accredited by DNV and Lloyds Register to conduct in situ.


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