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Throughout the years, the MGP has went into several improvements to cater for various ocean conditions and structural configurations resulting in increased product durability and cost savings. The MGP-i is the result of a technical breakthrough, designed at first to meet a client’s requirement, to operate under icy-ocean conditions during winter period. This success led to the development and commercialisation of the MGP-i design in which “i” symbolises innovative, impact-resistant and improved technical specifications of the MGP.

The MGP-i is IEV’s latest generation of self-cleaning and anti-impact single-ring product, which can be installed in a single deployment from above water, to both remove existing marine growth and permanently prevent their regrowth in the wave zone, where marine growth is most prolific and wave loading is most significant.  

Designed for all ocean conditions, the use of composite rubber discs in conjunction with “one-piece” rigid connectors provides the MGP-i with a protective layer to absorb severe impact forces during its cleaning and long-term prevention of marine growth in the wave zone. Compared to its previous generations, the MGP-i is maintenance free due to its system of specially-designed discs that offers both self-cleaning and anti-impact features.

The MGP-i offers a simple, reliable and low cost solution for platform structural integrity management and life extension compared to alternative solutions, which require structural modifications. The employment of MGP-i reduces the dynamic and hydrodynamic loading on the platform, increasing its structural capacity and Reserved Strength Ratio (RSR). The reduction of cyclic wave loading also improves the fatigue life of joints which extends the platform’s life.

Conventional methods of periodical cleaning of marine fouling by divers or ROVs are costly and risky compared to MGP-i employment. The MGP-i offers a permanent marine growth prevention solution, in which a zero-growth profile is maintained by the products. While adverse conditions disrupt underwater activities, they actually enhance the MGP-i performance.

Following simple instructions, the single ring MGP-i can be easily assembled, connected around a structural member and dropped to the sea-level. Once deployed, the MGP-i operates instantly by ocean waves and no further intervention or reconfiguration is necessary throughout its life.

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