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Decomissioning Studies

IEV has the capacity to offer services for various phases of a decommissioning campaign in terms of:

  • Consultancy, Cost Estimation and Feasibility Studies
  • Training on Technologies for Decommissioning of Offshore Structures

Consultancy, Cost Estimation and Feasibility Studies

Decommissioning Project Management

Decommissioning is considered the next major operation during a structure/field life. Working with a reputable decommissioning partner like IEV will ensure a well-managed decommissioning operation which satisfactorily complies with all regulations and standards outlined by the relevant authorities.

Cost Estimation and Feasibility Studies

IEV decommissioning cost estimation and feasibility studies prepare operators for their future major spending at the end of their structure/field life. Most governments require owners of offshore facilities to contribute annually to the decommissioning fund until the scheduled decommissioning operation. As such, a study is inevitable to accurately evaluate the anticipated decommissioning cost for the structure life-cycle.

Training on Technologies for Decommissioning Offshore Structures

IEV together with our strategic partners in Europe and UK, provide trainings and workshops on offshore Decommissioning specifically designed to suit each company’s training requirement. The trainings/workshops can consist of conference, site visits to major offshore contractor facilities and cutting technology demonstrations depending on the duration of the training program. Some of the topics offered include:

  • Concept of Decommissioning Offshore Structures
  • Environmental & Safety Issues
  • International Regulations
  • Decommissioning Technologies and Case Studies


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